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Welcome to Parkdale Primary School Moving Forward, Learning Together


Since September 2014-15, we have been running an increased number of after-school clubs. These are a mix of those provided by our own staff and others, as well as those by our P.E providers, Major Oak.


A change in policy from 2014-15 means that we will not be charging for clubs run by our own staff, Notts Music Hub or by Major Oak.


Clubs - In response to requests from parents, we will be texting to let applicants know if they have secured a place in clubs when the new termly letters are sent out.






Summer 2017 Clubs


Mondays - Y6 Reading, Y1 and Y2 Athletics, Y3 and Y4 Table Tennis, Rock Band, Homework Club (by invitation, Pupil Premium)

Tuesdays - Book Club (Reception), Y5 and Y6 Cricket, Drama, Gardening, Y6 & Team Boys Football

Wednesdays - Y3 and Y4 Cricket, Y1 Dance, Guitar, Y5 Boys Football (Canoville Coaching)

Thursdays - Reception Multsports, Choir, Doscovery Club (Science), Y5/6 Girls Football

Fridays - Y2 Table Tennis, Y3 and Y4 Tennis


Watch out for new additions, once we can confirm them...

Welcome to Parkdale Primary School, Autumn 2017-18... .


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