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Key Stage Reading


  A Year of Reading     

We are having a big push on reading this year and as such we have now started our Key Stage shared books. To get us off and running, all KS1 classes are sharing the classic

The Borrowers, by Mary Norton 

and KS2 classes are sharing a brand new book, in line for awards this year, called
Pax, by Sara Pennypacker.

These were introduced in Assembly by Mr Hillier on Monday 11th September.

Why not ask your child about them and discuss the plot and issues in them?
Feel free to buy a copy (Waterstones has lots of both and Pax is on  a 'buy one get another half price' deal. Amazon has both cheaply).
If you do this, maybe don’t race ahead of where we’ve got to in school – we’re trying to keep together – rather re-read and discuss the vocabulary and messages in the chapters we’ve already read. Teachers will be glad to advise.

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This week:

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Previous week:

  • Key Stage One - 95.9% Year to Date
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Overall: 97.0% Year To Date

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