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Office and Site

The Office


Name Job Title Responsibilities
Mrs Valerie Smith Office Manager Financial/Budget control, administrative and clerical support. Maintenance of pupil/staff database
Mrs Kelly Dickinson Administrative Assistant School Fund income, clerical support, photocopying and school uniform stock control
Mrs Jenny Scott Administrative Assistant Clerical support, attendance, photocopying and stationery stock control



The Site


Name Job TItle Responsibilities
Mr Simon Stubbs Site Manager Maintenance,security, co-ordination of projects, management of cleaning staff, boys' football team manager
Mrs Lyndsay Osborne Cleaner in Charge Site cleaning, management of cleaning team
Miss Rachel Osborne Cleaner  


Welcome to Parkdale Primary School, Autumn 2017-18... .


This week:

  • KS1 Lottery Winner - none as we were on holiday the week before! -
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  • KS2 Lottery Winner - none as we were on holiday the week before! -

Previous week:

  • Key Stage One - 96.1% Year to Date (+0.2%)
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  • Key Stage Two - 97.6% Year to date (+0.6%)

Overall: 97.1% Year To Date (+0.1%)

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