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Year 3 – Rowan & Elm

Welcome to 3 Elm and 3 Rowan!


Mrs Carter, Miss Godfrey and Mrs Troop

would like to welcome you to Year 3's website page.




Natural Disasters 2019


This term, Year 3 will be learning all about Natural Disasters. We shall be exploring different types of volcanoes and we shall be using maps and atlases to find out where in the world they are most commonly found.  Pupils will also be researching and studying some well known natural disasters that have occurred over recent years before learning about the terrible events which unfolded when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.  Pupils are looking forward to designing and making their very own volcano during D.T. lessons with the hope of making the volcano erupt too!  It's going to be an exciting and fun packed term, that's for sure!


                                               Reading in Year 3




This year across the whole school, we are having a big focus on Reading. The children will be working with various adults in Year 3 to improve their word decoding and comprehension skills. The whole school are taking part in a 'Read at Home' competition. The children with the highest number of "reads at home", each half term, will be entered into a prize draw.  Pupils are expected to read at least 25 times to an adult at home.


Fabulous Homework in 3 Elm

Pupils have enjoyed presenting some of their wonderful pieces of homework.  We have been very impressed with the creativity and imagination pupils have shown throughout their work.  We certainly had great fun playing some of ancient Egyptian inspired board games and puzzles.

Year 3 after school clubs - Autumn term 2018


Mondays - table tennis                                          





Wednesdays -


Thursdays - choir


Fridays -


Christmas Concert

Away in a manger track

Ding Dong

12 Days of Christmas

Joy to the world

Starry Night

Hark the Herald

Welcome to Parkdale Primary School, Autumn Term 2018-19....


Current Term:

  • Autumn 2018 (to 14.12.18) - 97.1%
  • Top Class - 5 Maple - 98.3%% - 2nd - 2 Sycamore - 98.1%
  • 3rd - 4 Bonsai - 98.0% -

Previous Term:

  • Summer 2018 - 96.7%
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Overall: 2017-18 = 96.8%

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