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Year 6 - Beech & Cedar

If you're visiting Year Six for the first time, you might want to know that the newest content is at the bottom of the page - you'll need to scroll down to find it! Rather than start the year all over again, we'll leave it this way and do it the 'other way up' next year!

Welcome back after the summer holiday. We hope that you had a fantastic break and a good rest. It is now time for Year 6! This is the final year at Parkdale for your child...and what an exciting year it will be! Our first topic is World War Two. We will jump straight into this topic and also prepare your child for secondary school. To help this process, we will expect your child to try their best, work neatly and be super organised. PE kit needs to be in school everyday, as does their reading diary. We expect your child to read, at home, at least five times a week. We hope that your child has a great time in Year 6 - working hard and having a fun time in the process.

We can't wait to get to know all of the children and are excited about the year ahead.

Please feel free to say hello in the playground and introduce yourself.


Mr Pattison and Miss Thompson

Hello, it's us again! We would just like to say that the first eight days have been fantastic. The behaviour and attitude of the children has been first class. We were really impressed with the autobiography homework and with the standard of the School Council letter applications. Mr Hillier was equally impressed.


We are currently promoting the enjoyment of reading. Key Stage Two are all reading Pax. Beech also have their own class reading book, titled A Place Called Perfect. Cedar have already read The Iron Man and are currently reading Skellig. We have lots of new banded books in class and would like each child to read, at home, at least five times a week. We will be checking diaries every Tuesday. These reads will allow the children to progress through a version of Reading For Miles. The children will be spoken to about this, in the near future.


This year, the children have a lot to look forward to, including: DARE, Bikeability, the Church Christmas performance and the Year 6 Residential. More information to follow about all of these... in the future.


Lastly, if you wish, you can always pop in and have a look at our Residential display from last year. There are some amazing photos and it will give you a chance to see what the Residential is all about. It is situated in the Year 6 corridor.


Bye for now and feel free to catch us for a quick chat, if you have anything you wish to discuss.

One week to go before half-term. It's been a great half term so far and we can't wait to meet all of the parents in order to tell them how well their children are doing. Please look out for the residential photos from last year that will be on the wall in the Year 6 corridor. It will give you a flavour of things to come.


Well done to Sonny and Evie for being the Star Writer of the half term, for Year 6.

Well done to all of the children who have received Head Teacher's Awards. Indeed, Moses received a super-rare Gold award today. His postcard, celebrating his attitude and writing, will be sent home soon.

Well done to all who have received a Star Assembly Award this half-term. It's been really hard choosing from such a wealth of options.


Finally, keep on reading five times at home. We also look forward to collecting in all of the fantastic homework. The homework handed in so far has been very good.

Welcome back everybody. We hope you all had a great week to rest, recover and read lots and lots! There is a lot to look forward to this half term, even though the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in. Hello from Mrs James, who is now back after maternity, and will now be teaching Cedar for part of the week.


Just a few points to remember: 1) read at home five times a week please 2) make sure you don't leave your homework until the last minute and 3) please wear your full winter uniform (shirt and Parkdale tie).


It should be a great half term. Feel free to say hello at the start and end of each day. Thanks for your continued support.

Since we have been back, we have been working hard on our learning values. These are: collaboration, resilience, equality, compassion, creativity and innovation, exploration and pride. We will continue to work hard on these during the school year. Indeed, we might even give out "Star Assembly" awards for these values. What else to say? The Christmas script is ready and some children will be learning lots of lines. All children will be learning lots of songs - some pop and some Christmassy numbers. You will have also received a letter about this performance. We would appreciate all the reply slips to be handed in as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support. we come!

Friday 17th November


The children were part of a hoax last Friday. This was to allow them to write with feeling and emotion, having actually experienced an event. We are sure they will tell you all about it. The children wrote highly emotive pieces - showing anger, relief, sympathy and shock. Well done children for writing so well - they even felt sorry (sort of!) for their teachers.

Thursday 30th November 2017


It's us again. Just to keep you in the loop - we are working hard on our Christmas performance and have introduced a Star of the Day system in Year 6. Each day, a child will be chosen by their peers... or the adults... for this award. If successful, they will receive a star cushion to sit on for the following day. The person who wins Star Assembly, on Friday, will automatically get the cushion on the following Monday. Lastly, you should hear about the Residential in the next week or so. Apologies that it has taken longer than usual. The Residential company has received high demand for the Summer Term. Unfortunately, they couldn't meet my preferred dates. This will all be explained in the up-coming Residential letter. Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday 20th December


Hello, once again, from us all. It's been a busy last few weeks at school. We hope you enjoyed the church performance and feel just as proud of the children as we do. Year 6 have also shown their persuasive "Timetable Change" presentations to the rest of the year group. These went down very well indeed - highlighting great improvisation. Another thing of note was their Operation Inference -  The Sequel piece of writing. Here they had to write about a day in the life of a headteacher - notably Mr Hillier. Mr Hillier had been escorted around the building by our very own AGENT PG TIPS...00-MONKEY. The kids loved this and, judging by the photos, so did the boss - Mr Hillier. Please see photos below for details. Finally, ever so recently, the children have created Anderson Shelters as part of our DT work. The kids loved doing this and incorporated some of our learning values, including collaboration, resilience and creativity/innovation. Please refer to the DT photos below. Indeed, the children even managed to turn the rooms into Blitz scenes, judging by the mess!! To their credit, the rooms are now back to normal - mess free!


All that remains is to tell you that Year 6 will not be receiving any more homework menus, as they will be starting their revision for the SATs after Christmas. Year 6 will receive regular weekly homework. This also prepares them for life in Year 7. As the reading has gone so far, please encourage your child to keep reading over the holidays - earning Reading Miles. So, the only thing left to say is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. WELL DONE KIDS!!



Welcome back kids and a "Happy New Year" to you all. The children have made a great start to this term and have already been told about a few clubs they could attend. Each of these are voluntary, as the letters suggested. As a reminder, here are the clubs we are running - at present:

>> Monday after school (until 4.30pm): reading club

>> Thursday lunch: grammar and maths

>> Friday morning (8.15am start): study club

>> Friday lunch: reading club


Please remind your children about these clubs and remind them to bring in their PE kits and reading diaries. They need these in every day please.


Bye for now!

Welcome back after Easter. We hope that you all had an eggcellent break and are looking forward to the SATs!


The children will be studying hard over the next four weeks in preparation for the SATs and, as soon as you know it, the tests will be over and the children can focus on other things. These things... these fun things will include: a giant sleepover, a residential, a Year 6 performance and the DARE programme.


As you may have seen, we have sent out some information with regards to ensuring that children cope with the SATs. We have told the children that the tests are important but are not the end of the world! Here are a few tips to help your child:

  • ensure your child has plenty of sleep
  • ensure your child has a good breakfast
  • reassure them that doing their best is all anyone can ask for
  • encourage them to do a little bit of revision - here and there. However, it is important that your child does not overdo this
  • encourage your child to speak to their teachers if they have any concerns or if they would like any help...and finally
  • encourage your child to try and attend some of the many clubs available, leading up to the tests week beginning 14th May 2018.


That's it for now, we look forward to seeing you at the SAT meeting on Tuesday 24th April 2018, 3:45pm - 4:15pm.

100 Books To Try and Read Before You Leave Year 6


How many have you read...and how many have got left to read?



Our fantastic homework!

Operation Inference - Agent PG Tips - The Sequel....The Return of the Tips!

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