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Year 6 - Beech & Cedar

The children have made a really mature start to the Summer Term. They are all working hard and have shown a desire to improve. The first few weeks of this term, as mentioned in one of our letters, is a really tough one indeed. All that we ask is that children give it their best and seek to make the most of their potential. We have already had a few sessions on motivation and it looks like we are starting to see this quality throughout Year 6. Please keep reminding children to do their homework, work on their spelling lists and revise using their revision guides. By working together, your child has the best chance to achieve...which is what we all want.


Your child should now be using the revision books at home. We are aware that the children have lots of these revision books. All that we ask is for the children to spend 10-15 minutes per night working through their revision guides. This work will only go on until the SATs. Remember that the SATs start the week commencing 8th May.


We are doing lots of work in school to prepare your child for the SATs. We have lots of clubs and we also have the Saturday Boot Camps to look forward to. The next Saturday Boot Camp is the 6th May.


So children, stick at it, keep working hard and keep aiming to do your very best - at school and at home. You can do it!

Welcome to Parkdale Primary School, Summer Term 2017... .


This week:

  • KS1 Lottery Winner -
  • Caitlyn - R Holly (10/07/17) -
  • KS2 Lottery Winner - Jackson - 3 Rowan (10/07/17)

Previous week:

  • Key Stage One - 97.7% (-0.2)
  • -
  • Key Stage Two - 95.2% (-2.2)

Overall: 97.1% Year To Date

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