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Year 6 - Beech & Cedar

Spring Term 2019


Hello everyone and welcome back. We hope that you all had a good holiday...and it's time for a Happy New Year! Just a few things to mention:


1) Homework will now be handed out on a regular basis, rather than in the form of a menu. Please check with your child as to whether or not they have been set any. 


2) All four clubs from last term have now stopped. They will soon by replaced with some new clubs. The children will soon be told about these. 


3) All reading diaries in everyday. 


4) All highlighted spelling lists - highlighted green - to be in every day so the children can work on these. 


...and finally... 


5) Well done to the children who are working hard to get ready for their sponsored run. Keep up the good work children....a mile a day = a healthy body and a healthy mind. 


Bye for now, 


Year 6 Staff smiley



Welcome back after the summer holiday. We hope that you had a fantastic break and a good rest. It is now time for Year 6! This is the final year at Parkdale for your child...and what an exciting year it will be! Children in 6 Cedar are being taught by Mr Pattison and Beech are being taught by Mrs James (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Redhead (Thursday and Friday).


Our first topic is World War Two. We will jump straight into this topic and also prepare your child for secondary school. To help this process, we will expect your child to try their best, work neatly and be super organised. PE kit needs to be in school everyday, as does their reading diary. We expect your child to read, at home, at least five times a week. Your child will be READING FOR MILES, reaching destinations throughout the world as their number of home reads increases. This will be displayed in class. Please look out for the topic web and homework menu - these will be sent out shortly.


Just a quick reminder about the Transform Trust values. These are:



Ambition and Adventure








These Transform values, along with Parkdale's Learning Values, will be promoted everyday through discussion, work and demonstration.


We hope that your child has a great time in Year 6 - working hard and having a fun time in the process.


We can't wait to get to know all of the children and are excited about the year ahead. Please feel free to say hello in the playground and introduce yourself. It should be a great year!


Mr Pattison, Mrs James and Mrs Redhead.

100 Books To Try and Read Before You Leave Year 6


How many have you read...and how many have got left to read?



Welcome to Parkdale Primary School, Autumn Term 2018-19....


Current Term:

  • Autumn 2018 (to 14.12.18) - 97.1%
  • Top Class - 5 Maple - 98.3%% - 2nd - 2 Sycamore - 98.1%
  • 3rd - 4 Bonsai - 98.0% -

Previous Term:

  • Summer 2018 - 96.7%
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Overall: 2017-18 = 96.8%

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