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Events and Fund Raisers



Unfortunately due to Social Distancing regulations and the prevention of massed gatherings we are unable to organise and run events at this time.  


The money raised from social events like the Christmas and Summer fairs and school discos goes toward the extra curricular activities and resources that your children enjoy in school.


FOP events have raised money to sponsor the purchase of new goal posts on the field, Yoga training and mats used by the whole school, outside visitors coming into school for experience days and treats throughout the school year across the school.  The money raised is a vital support the the running of these extra parts of the general curriculum.  

FOP need your support. Please consider becoming part of the team even if you can only help in the run up to an event or only at the event but not in the preparations. All help is greatfuly received and any member of the team would be pleased to give you more information.

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Current Term:

  • Summer 2020-21 - 97.9%
  • Attendance Year to Date - 96.9%
  • Last week (wb 3rd May) - 97.9%

Previous Term:

  • Autumn - 96.9% -
  • Spring Term - 96.5% -
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Overall: 2017/8 96.8%; 2018/19 97%; 2019/20 94.6%

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