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Welcome to Parkdale Primary School Moving Forward, Learning Together


Our Governors are:


Amanda Burrows Chair of Governors  (

Peter Hillier  Ex Officio Headteacher

Susan Edwards Community Governor, Designated Safeguarding Governor, Governor with Responsibility for SEND

Dennis Jones  Community Governor

Hayley Rippon Staff Elected Governor

Joseph Duckhouse Parent Elected Governor

Lee Noble Transform Trust Governor

Atif Mehmood Community Governor

Donna Marshall Community Governor

Structure and Meetings


Our Governing Body meets twice per school term, typically half-termly.


Our next scheduled meetings are:


7th October 2020, 4pm

25th November, 2:30pm

3rd February, 4:30pm

17th March, 2pm


All Governors are expected to attend all meetings - we do not have a committee structure. All meetings involve an update form the Head Teacher, a finance update, a Safeguarding briefing and review of any policy changes.


Meetings have a specific focus on the agenda typically a strategic matter or review of standards:


For the Autumn Term 2020, Governors will be focussing on Quality Assurance of the response to Covid-19, Risk Assessment and provision going forward from that and the further development of the school's digital strategy. Performance targets will be set for key indicator data. The Pupil Premium statement and Primary Sports Funding statement will be agreed.

Our Vision


The vision of the Governors of Parkdale Primary, is as follows:


We aim to offer a rich and engaging school experience in which cchildren are willing partners in their own learning. They should enjoy school, form friendships for life and become responsible, respectful young people. We want staff to deliver a curriculum that is diverse, thought-provoking, creative, inspirational and tailored to be relevant to the lives and interests of our pupils. We aim to provide a wealth of memorable moments and experiences. We are committed to delivering a broad curriculum and not to narrow our focus to the ‘tested’ areas. We want our school to be 'Outstanding', whilst maintaining this child-centred, holistic approach. We expect to see children supported and challenged to achieve the highest possible academic outcomes for them. We expect to see outcomes that compare favourably to local and national averages.This is what parents, other stakeholders and pupils have told us that they want and expect. We aim for Parkdale to be the school of choice for families and the employer of choice for staff.

Welcome to the Governors' section.

Below is some information to give you an idea of what the school’s governors do and how we operate.



If you might be interested in becoming a governor at Parkdale, or even just want to know a bit more about us, please have a look at the articles below and feel free to ask an existing governor or at the Office.


What Do Governors Do?


 OfSTED classes the governing body within the leadership and management of the school. However, it is important to remember that governors do not manage the school. That is the job of the headteacher and management team. We’re fortunate at Parkdale in having a strong and capable management team who manage the activities and day-to-day running of the school with great success: have a look at our latest Ofsted report to see how well they perform in this role. Governors are there to be “a critical friend” to the headteacher and the school; we are there to support the headteacher and staff but we are also there in a monitoring capacity, asking relevant questions such as ‘Is it working?’ ‘How do we know it is working?’ ‘If it isn’t working, what can we do?’ ‘How can we get better?’


Who Can Become a Governor?


There are no formal educational qualifications required to become a governor. The only qualities needed are:

  • an interest in the education and well being of our children
  • a willingness to ask questions
  • the time and commitment to attend termly meetings of the full governing body and to be a member of at least one committee
  • a commitment to be part of a team which, by working together, can make a real difference to the school.


Welcome to Parkdale...


Current Term:

  • Summer 2020-21 - 97.9%
  • Attendance Year to Date - 96.9%
  • Last week (wb 3rd May) - 97.9%

Previous Term:

  • Autumn - 96.9% -
  • Spring Term - 96.5% -
  • -

Overall: 2017/8 96.8%; 2018/19 97%; 2019/20 94.6%

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