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Maths Homework

Weekly Homework


Every Friday Maths Arithmetic homework will be set and will be handed in the following Friday. The children will bring home a sheet with various arithmetic questions and a space for any working out which they may wish to do. Some of the questions will link to areas we have covered recently and some will be new learning. Don't worry if your child finds some of these a challenge as we'll regularly be covering these areas in class. If your child loses their homework, to save trees there will be copy on our class page.  

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Current Term:

  • Spring 2020 Half-Term One - 96.8%
  • Attendance Year to Date - 95.95%
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Previous Term:

  • Autumn Half Term 1 - 96.70%
  • Autumn Half Term 2 - 93.54%
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Overall: 2017-18 = 96.8%, 2018-19 97%

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