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At Parkdale, we aim to provide a high quality mathematics education. This will provide a foundation for understanding the world. It will also foster the ability to reason mathematically and appreciate the power of maths. Above all, we aim to provide a sense of enjoyment and curiosity around this subject. Our curriculum will allow children to become fluent in the fundamentals of maths - recalling and applying knowledge rapidly and accurately. It will also allow them to reason by following a line of enquiry, justifying their answers to various audiences. Finally, the children will solve problems by applying their maths in a number of ways and we will encourage them to persevere in order to seek solutions. As with many other areas of the curriculum, the children will apply this mathematical knowledge to other subjects.  
Our learning values, that are reflected in our current Curriculum Vision Statement, are evident in all that we do in school. Maths is no exception to this. Within mathematics, we promote "British Values and Learning Values." In particular, within maths, we promote the learning values of: Resilience, Pride, Collaboration, Exploration and some aspects of Creativity and Innovation. In this subject, we want all pupils to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding- via a broad balanced curriculum. We also encourage positive attitudes towards this subject, applying their maths in creative ways, in order to carry out routine and non-routine problems. Parkdale  strives for their children to apply this knowledge rapidly and accurately. Ultimately, we do our very best to make maths fun and to engage ALL learners- with a big emphasis on reasoning. Pupils at Parkdale are encouraged to take an active role in all lessons, developing the ETHOS that it is OK to get things wrong. By doing this, pupils will push themselves, believe in themselves, offer ideas and HAVE A GO! Such an ethos will ensure that all students meet their full potential.
This year, 2017-18, we have really been looking at how to achieve more greater depth in maths. We have had staff meetings on this and discussed - by sharing resources and ideas- how to achieve this. We have also met as cross- key stages, as to what things could improve from the previous year in order to help achieve more greater depth...year on year. In doing so, we also discussed, as a staff, as to what constitutes outstanding...and inspirational teaching. It is our determination to drive forward the number of children hitting secure and greater depth within the subject. We have many ideas as to how to achieve this.
Picture 1 Counting out the right amounts.
Picture 2 "I found a giant circle!"
Picture 3 Hunting for shapes outside.
Picture 4 Fishing for numbers to match.
Picture 5 Sharing some cubes fairly.
Picture 6 "How tall am I?"
Picture 7 How many jumps can you do in 2 minutes?
Picture 8 Making shapes with blocks.
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