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50 Things To Do Before You Leave Parkdale

This week, we launch our new '50 Things To Do before You Leave Parkdale'. This list of 50 activities aims to promote a well-balanced, healthy, fun childhood, which also develops local pride and awareness. Here's the list and the letter to families is available here:




1. Have a Picnic in the park.


2. Visit Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery or the Djanogly Gallery.


3. Read (or be read) Wind in the Willows or Swallows and Amazons.


4. Learn to play a game of cards.


5. Travel on the tram.


6. Watch any of Forest or County, the Panthers, Notts Cricket, or Nottingham Rugby Club play


7. Visit Nottingham Castle. Have a photo taken with Robin Hood.


8. Go fruit picking at a ‘Pick Your Own’ farm.


9. Plant it, grow it, eat it.


10. Go ice skating.


11. Learn to play the traditional games: dominoes, hop-scotch, tiddlywinks, ludo, draughts and marbles.


12. Start a collection of something and tell your class about it.


13. Visit a circus.


14. Visit Newark or Lincoln.


15. Watch Emmett’s clock in the Victoria Centre do its ‘performance’.


16. Build a den.


17. Sleep in a tent.


18. Learn to make something using origami.


19. Fly a kite.


20. Walk round Netherfield lagoons and visit the lock.


21. Go to Colwick Park.


22. Feed the ducks.


23. Go to Green’s Mill.


24. Spend 15 minutes looking at the night time sky. Can you identify any constellations or planets?


25. Take a train somewhere from Nottingham station


26. Go to the Galleries of Justice.


27. Go to the Theatre Royal or Playhouse.


28. Play a game of conkers.


29. Walk in Colwick Woods, or any other woods.


30. Bake a cake.


31. Roly-poly down a grassy hill.


32. Learn to swim.


33. Visit the seaside. Build a sandcastle and/or Play Crazy Golf.


34. Visit Wollaton Park.


35. Visit the Embankment and walk across the Suspension Bridge


36. Do something to improve your local area, like a litter pick or some gardening.


37. Visit a zoo.


38. Visit a farm – White Post, Ferry Farm, Brackenhurst or any other


39. Skim stones.


40. Paddle in the sea, a fountain or a paddling pool.


41. Set up a snail race.


42. Walk by the River Trent.


43. Make bread or a pizza.


44. Hunt for bugs and observe them under a magnifying glass.


45. Learn to ride a bike.


46. Visit Sherwood Forest.


47. Walk in a National Park like the Peak District or Lake District.


48. Ride a horse, pony or donkey.


49. Learn to count to 10 in three different foreign languages.


50. Prepare a meal for your family


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