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Football Update

Our boys go into the Winter break unbeaten in all competitions, League and Cup on the back of another League win today:


Another win for the boys' football team this evening - this time a relatively comfortable 3-1 League win against Sir John Sherbrooke (Calverton).

We raced into a 2-0 lead in the first five minutes and looked likely to win by a big score. Sherbrooke, to their credit, fought their way back into it, missing a penalty that could've really changed the game.

We went 3-0 up mid-way through the second half before a late consolation goal for Sherbrooke.

Well played boys - unbeaten in League and Cup football so far this season. There's probably just one County Cup match to get played before we finish for the Winter break.


Our girls have had a trickier time of it, being a less experienced team, in an area with a real strength in girls' football - the standard is very high in Gedling. We're out of the County Cup and still searching for a League win, but we're improving quickly and have a fantastic attitude. A win or two shouldn't be beyond us as the season progresses...

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