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We're Open. Again!

We have taken the decision to open again today. Interestingly, we are hearing a lot of criticism of some schools which have opened. Social media and local radio are awash with it. Then again, people are criticising those that have closed too! We have given parents the choice and overwhelmingly they have chosen to send their children in for some fun.


Our staff have mostly made it it, some from as far away as Chesterfield, Worksop, Mansfield and Southwell. What a fantastic effort by them. 


Our site is safe, the school is toasty-warm and we plan to have fun. We are aware of our social and community responsibilities. Many of our parents work and have other people depending on them doing that: doctors, nurses, care workers, bus drivers... all sorts. We are trying to do our bit to keep our community running. No one has had to send their child in. 


After school yesterday (and today) we have opened our field and playground for families to play together. Lots took up that offer and had a great time together. It was lovely to see so many Mums, Dads, older brothers and sisters etc all with us for a while.


See just some of the hundreds of comments from Facebook below. We have had no negative comments (yet?)


Today, is Snuggle Up and Read Day and we're mostly in our jim-jams, slippers and onesies, lots of us accompanied by teddy bears!


There was no way Aaisha was gonna miss school today - Aaisha said "our headmaster is the best in the world for allowing us to have fun in the snow and to come in our pjs - I don't ever want to leave Parkdale!"



My Dad says it was nice to hear Parkdale commended on radio Nottingham this morning! I think you have all done a fab job - Thomas had a brilliant day yesterday and is in again today. Which means I haven't had to take 2 (valuable) days annual leave and can use them during the school holidays instead. Thanks again


Mr Hillier, fancy hosting a weekend pj stay over, we will collect on Monday


The key to the success here Peter, is that you gave us a choice... no demands, no consequences! As a result, everyone is happy! It’s a tough job to please everyone in this day and age for anything.... I reckon you and the staff are fab! Excellent job well done! And many many thanks to all!


We had a great time 😊only got home an hour ago as went to play on colwick woods. Thank you to all the staff for today both girls have said what a great day they have had.


Want to thank you and all the teachers for today, I’ve just finished work and spoke to my girls and they have had a brilliant day today. You really are the best teachers Thankyou all so much. Something to add to Emma’s year book


Elizabeth had a great time today, thanks to everyone at school for making it such a fun day.


Thanks to you and amazing staff for keeping the school open both days and for keeping the children entertained. Much appreciated. At NTU we are officially closed across all 3 campuses today due to weather! Loving the resilience of Parkdale staff. Hope you all have relaxing weekends. You certainly deserve it! xx


Best decision to send Ella all that lovely snow with absolutely no risk of doing a snow Angel in dog dirt....


Brilliant staff and brilliant Emma said the kids will remember this forever 😍 Niamh still remembers doing it in Reception!


Told George he could stay home today or go to school & have a snowball fight with his teachers. His face lit up & he ran to get his wellies 😂


Amazing!! I didn’t think I could love Parkdale anymore but this has made me so proud be be apart of this brilliant school!


Thank you to all the staff who made such an effort to get there to make sure the school could open. I know some of you had long, tough journeys 😁


It was such a lovely day for the children and adults. Thanks for making some great memories for the children x

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