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Personnel and Finance

This committee meets each half-term and its major responsibilities include:


Approving the annual budget, as set by the Headteacher, Office Manager and Finance team

Monitoring the school budget as the year progresses.

Agreeing to spending on items over £10,000

Approving a staffing structure and maintaining staffing levels accordingly

Ensuring the school meets necessary Financial Standards and Benchmarking

Monitoring of spending of addiotnal funding such as Pupil Premium and Primary Sports Funding

Disciplinary matters

Overseeing the recruitment process

Monitoring and Approval of Appraisal/Performance Related Pay

Policy development and approval relating to staffing, finance and health and safety

Welcome to Parkdale Primary School, Summer Term 2018-19....


Current Term:

  • Academic Year 2018-2019 - 97.0%
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Previous Term:

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Overall: 2017-18 = 96.8%, 2018-19 97%

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