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Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus 2015-2020

Letter to parents from Notts 'SACRE', Outlining changes to RE curriculum from Sept 2015

Collective Worship


Collective worship takes place at Parkdale on a daily basis. On a Monday, Wednesday & Friday  during Key Stage assemblies and on a Tuesday and a Thursday during year group/ class assemblies. Collective Worship provides the children an opportunity to explore the 'value of the week' which is linked to one of the British Values. The children will discuss what they think the value means, give examples of how they can demonstrate this value in school and in the wider world. Collective worship sessions also make reference to religious content and end up with time for reflection.


At Parkdale, we follow the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2015 and Guidelines for Worship. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of the Religious Education and collective worship. Parkdale has no affiliations with any particular religion or religious denomination.

Curriculum overview


During Religious Education lessons children acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of different religions and how these religions influence individuals, communities, societies and the world around them. As well as learning about religions, children also develop their ability to respond to what they have learnt.


Below is a brief overview of the religious content for each year group




  • Beginning to learn about Christianity and other religions that are represented in the class/school.


Key Stage One

  • Christianity and Judaism


Key Stage Two

  • Year 3 and Year 5 - Christianity and Islam

  • Year 4 and Year 6- Christianity and Hinduism


Foundation, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children also learn about The Christmas Story, Easter and Eid through a progressive year by year approach to build upon their knowledge and understanding of important celebration


 Annual events

  • KS1 nativity KS2 Christmas carol concert
  • Harvest Festival
  • Multicultural Day
  • Easter Bonner Parade

Visits to St John's church


Foundation: Mock wedding

Year 1: Baptism

Year 2: Artifacts in a church

Year 3: Easter experience

Year 4: Harvest experience

Year 5: Christmas experience

Year 6: Pentecostal experience

RE club


Once a month, on a Thursday lunch, Rev Amanda and helpers from St John's church come into our school to read stories from the bible, make crafts, play games, sing songs and take part in prayer. The children love RE club and we have over 40 KS2 children who attend and 20 plus KS1 children.

Upcoming events


Tuesday 7th November: Year 4 visit to The William Booth Birthplace Museum

Tuesday 14th November: Multicultural Day

December :Year 5: Christmas experience at St John's church

December: KS1 Christmas nativity

December: KS2 Christmas carol concert at St John's church



Harvest Festival 2017

Year 4 Harvest Experience at St John's church

Year One Baptism/ mock wedding visit to St John's church

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