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Welcome to Parkdale Primary School Moving Forward, Learning Together


We have had a great first week at school! Have a look at what we have been up to!

We love our construction area, we love using the bricks to create lots of different things!

We've been getting creative!

We have already started doing some beautiful writing and pictures! Amazing!

We have lots of fun learning outdoors in Reception. We have been building robots with the popoids, building in the sand , creating obstacle courses and engaging in lots of role play!

Physical Development

In our small world areas we have had lots of fun role playing with the dragons, dinosaurs and the dolls house.

STEAM area (Science Technology Engineering And Maths), we have done lots of investigating, sorting, counting, coding and nature stamping.

We have been having lots of fun looking at the changes in our environment and the signs of autumn. We have made some Autumn collages on the iPads take a look!

5th January 2021 - until further notice, school is open only to vulnerable children and those of 'Key Workers'


Current Term:

  • Autumn 2020-21 - 96.9%
  • Attendance Year to Date - 96.9%
  • Last week (wb 07.12) - 96.6%

Previous Term:

  • Autumn Half Term 1 - 96.8% -
  • Autumn Half Term 2 - 97.0% -
  • -

Overall: 2017/8 96.8%; 2018/19 97%; 2019/20 94.6%

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  • Newstead 1132
  • Clumber 1275
  • Wollaton 1196
  • Rufford 1321