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Special Needs and Disability (SEND)

This page will contain a variety of resources for children and parents of children with SEND.



If you have any queries regarding your child's learning and support needs please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance as they will be able to comment on work specifically set for your child. If your query relates to a general SEND matter then please email me (


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Accessibilty - using technology for remote learning. Please remember if you are using voice to text software then please add a brief comment to let the teacher know. It's great if this works for your child but good to let us know what is working so we can make sure we understand what support your child finds best and when.

Resources for Home Learning


The following are a list of website that provide videos, activities, lessons etc specifically for children with SEND. We have not yet identified which links are best suited to which child but if you use a link and want to feed back me to how useful you found it (or otherwise) that would be great ( I will add pointers to ones I think are of specific benefit in due course.


Rhyming Multi Sensory Stories - this website has a few stories to tell using multi-sensory approaches but also gives some guidance on why, how, what to do around the use of multi sensory activities. Includes, among general stories, handwashing, lock down haircuts and some sound effects to use in the stories.


Mainspring Art - a celebration of Neurodivergent artists have a link to several sensory stories using a ball of string to help address some issues around Lockdown that children may be struggling with - social distancing, not being able to do what they would normally do, see who they would normally see etc.


Oxford Owl do a huge selection of ebooks that you can access for free.


Activities to practice fine motor skills (to help with pencil control and general finger dexterity)


Oak Academy have lots of different lessons for lots of different SENs 


Sensory activities - Jensory

This lady does a huge variety of sensory videos on her YouTube channel 'Jensory'. This link goes to her welcome video and from there you can find videos on various different sensory activities. Some will be videos to watch as parents to set up activities and others will be to watch with your child e.g. the singing ones. She does have some lively ideas for sensory play - visual, auditory etc.


Social Story & Activity to help understand how we can still help and talk to people we are missing, how we understand their feelings around missing loved ones etc It includes audio (some sounds to play) some physical contact (there is a massage element) and the use of objects to tell the story (string, a sock etc - things you may have around the house)

Social Story to help with Home Learning - parents you are now school's Deputy Teacher

Links to Useful website and External providers



Interoception (the 8th sense) course for parents

The first one was yesterday but I am told this won't impact too much on accessing the 2nd and 3rd sessions. This is being delivered by Nottinghamshire County Council Schools & Families Support Services in partnership with AET (Autism Education Trust) 

It would be ideal for parents of children with an ASD diagnosis or those going through the process. It covers aspects such as toileting and how a child's senses can affect their ability to learn to toilet but will cover much much more.


SEND Information Report - Appendix 1 Covid-19 Update 2021

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