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Spelling Homework


Every Friday, your child will bring home words to learn for a spelling test the following Friday. The words will follow a spelling pattern, which we will have taught in the lesson that day. Your child can choose from the one, two or three star challenge list of words that suits them. It is no problem if they do the two star one week and then the three star the following week. The idea is your child chooses their own level of challenge that is not too easy and not too difficult. We appreciate your support in encouraging your child to practise at home.


We encourage you children to go on Spelling Shed at home where we do our best to match our weekly spellings with ones on the web game.

5th January 2021 - until further notice, school is open only to vulnerable children and those of 'Key Workers'


Current Term:

  • Autumn 2020-21 - 96.9%
  • Attendance Year to Date - 96.9%
  • Last week (wb 07.12) - 96.6%

Previous Term:

  • Autumn Half Term 1 - 96.8% -
  • Autumn Half Term 2 - 97.0% -
  • -

Overall: 2017/8 96.8%; 2018/19 97%; 2019/20 94.6%

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