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We are Reception!

Welcome to Reception - R Holly and R Bay!


Welcome to Reception!  We are excited to get to know you and your children this term.


In Reception we have two classes R Holly and R Bay but most of the time we are all together in our amazing Reception unit. We have lots of fun learning through play both indoors and outdoors. 


We have lots of fun activities planned this term relating to our whole school topic 'The World and my Place in it'.  In Reception we are focusing on 'What makes us special?' for the first half term. In the second half term we will be exploring our community. 


We are really lucky that we get to go to Forest School and have new adventures there, we go on Thursday mornings to our fellow Transform school Edale Rise. We will let you know when they begin. 


We will fill this page with exciting class news, pictures of things that we have done, and website ideas for you to use at home! You can also keep up to date with what we are up to on our Facebook page. 


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your teacher know!

Have you seen the Children's Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites.


Keep checking here to see what we have been up to.

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Current Term:

  • Autumn 2020-21 - 96.6%
  • Attendance Year to Date - 96.6%
  • Last week (wb 16.11) - 97.2%

Previous Term:

  • Autumn Half Term 1 - 96.8% -
  • Autumn Half Term 2 -
  • -

Overall: 2017-18 = 96.8%, 2018-19 97%

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