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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to Reception - R Holly and R Bay!


Welcome to Reception! 


In Reception we have two classes R Holly and R Bay but most of the time we are all together in our amazing Reception unit. We have lots of fun learning through play both indoors and outdoors. 


Welcome to the Summer term!! This term we will be learning all about the School topic “Peace, Justice and Social Equality”. We will be exploring Getting Along and Fairness by reading traditional and new tales and thinking about how the characters can make friends and fix their problems. In the second half term we will be exploring and investigating Parkdale in the Past, comparing life for Parkdale pupils in 1929 (our opening year) and their school life now. We will ask which era is best and whether life was fair in the past!


We are going to do everything we can to have a least one trip!!

If you would like to help your child this term please keep up the great home reading, it makes a huge difference! Playing games with their sound mats to help them know and recognise their sounds, and spotting the sounds in simple words would also be enormously helpful.


In Maths we have worked really hard to support accurate careful counting and helping children recognise one more and one less up to 20. We are now investigating teen numbers and how, for example, 17 is ten and seven more. Any counting games, counting in the home and spotting numbers when you are out and about, would be so helpful to support your child.


Most of all please enjoy this last special Reception term. Your children’s magical imaginations and curiosity are such a gift, go for walks, ride bikes, plant seeds, explore local woods, bake, play, have fun and have a lovely Spring/Summer.

We will fill this page with exciting class news, pictures of things that we have done, and website ideas for you to use at home! You can also keep up to date with what we are up to on our Facebook page and via the Tapestry app.



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