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Year 2 – Sycamore & Willow

Welcome to Sycamore and Willow

Year 2

Mrs Cooper, Mrs Garrett and Mrs Mason warmly welcome to you Year Two.

In Year 2 we have a brand new curriculum to teach this year to help the children understand the wider world they live in. Our Curriculum will be values led.


Our Autumn Term Theme is 'The world and my place in it' which we will be addressing through the work of Charlie Mackesy's book, 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse' and the work of Rob Bidulph using his book 'Odd dog out'.  We are thinking about our Identity and challenging ourselves to 'Dare to be different'.  We are going to look at inspirational women - Zaha Hadid and Ada Lovelace and the contributions they have made to society.  We are going to set up our own Jobs Fair.  




Homework will be set weekly and consist of daily reading, weekly spellings to learn for a spelling test and a maths activity.  Sometimes these will be paper based and other times using online programs like Showbie and Purple Mash.


Themes later in the year cover 'Clean Green World' and 'Peace, Conflict, Justice and Equality'.


 PE is on a Monday and Wednesday.

A full kit is required and left in school until the end of the half-term.

During the winter months a plain tracksuit is recommended as we do go out in all weathers!


We are always looking for extra people to help out in class so please let us know if you have some spare time and are interested in doing this.  - At the moment, due to Covid-19 restrictions we cannot have parent helpers in school, but please don't put off letting us know if you are interested in helping and we will be in touch as soon as legislation and safety allows.


We will update the website and our Social Media pages with photos of work that we do. Please keep checking in.



Parkdale 2 Willow & sycamore 2020-21

[This is a private group and you will need to make friends with 

Sycamore Cooper,  Parkdale Garrett or Caroline Mason to join the group]



           Parkdale Sycamore @ParkdaleSycamo1

These photos give you a glimpse into some of the activities done in Year 2.

Tennin coaching workshop
Adding Tens and Ones
The Tin Forest by Helen Ward
Work based on the book The Tin Forest

2 Sycamore Read at Home Challenge - Your child should aim to read at home at least 4 times a week to be on target for their Reading Certificate of 25+ reads per half term.

2 Sycamore are collecting Caterpillars

The aim of our lovely, motivating display is to encourage all the children to read every day at home to a grown up!

There is a sliding scale of rewards. 15 readers = 1 caterpillars

                                       20 readers = 2 caterpillars

                                       25 readers = 3 caterpillars

                                       30 readers = 4 caterpillars

Once the flower is filled then the children can have 5 minutes extra playtime...


Come on 2 Sycamore you can do this!



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