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Year 2 – Sycamore & Willow

Welcome to Sycamore and Willow!

Year 2

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Carlisle warmly welcome to you Year Two.

In Year 2 we have a brand new curriculum to teach this year to help the children understand the wider world they live in. Our Curriculum will be values led.  


Our topic is term is 'The Greener, Cleaner World.' We will be studying coastal regions in different parts of the world and comparing them. There is the inclusion of science looking at materials and habitats. We will be always trying to help the children understand how what we do at school/home will effect not only our local environment but the wider world too and hopefully changing some of our habits as a class.


We hope that you find some motivating homework on our Homework Menu and we look forward to sharing it with the class at the end of each half-term.  It can be found in the Homework books or on here.  Children will need their reading books and diary in school everyday. There is a Read Theory log-in in their diary this will help with their understanding. (Web link at the bottom of this page.)  We hope that the children will love to receive caterpillars/astronauts. Along with reading the children will have a spelling test weekly, on a Wednesday. They will need this book every week and we would appreciate it if you could practise these regularly. PE is on a Monday and Wednesday. A full kit is required and left in school until the end of the half-term. During the winter months a plain tracksuit is recommended as we do go out in all weathers!


We are always looking for extra people to help out in class so please let us know if you have some spare time and are interested in doing this. 


You can visit here or social media and explore exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Facebook: Willow Sycamore  

Twitter: Parkdale Willow @Mrs_C_Year2.  

           Parkdale Sycamore @ParkdaleSycamo1

What's Happening in Year 2...keep coming back for updates!

What's Happening in Year 2...keep coming back for updates! 1 Tennin coaching workshop
What's Happening in Year 2...keep coming back for updates! 2 Adding Tens and Ones
What's Happening in Year 2...keep coming back for updates! 3 The Tin Forest by Helen Ward
What's Happening in Year 2...keep coming back for updates! 4 Work based on the book The Tin Forest

Attendance Reward Letter

Year 2 Read at Home Challenge

Year 2 Read at Home Challenge 1 2 Sycamore are collecting Caterpillars
Year 2 Read at Home Challenge 2 2 Willow are collecting Spacemen

The aim of our lovely, motivating display is to encourage all the children to read every day at home to a grown up!

There is a sliding scale of rewards. 15 readers = 1 astronaut/caterpillars

                                                         20 readers = 2 astronauts/caterpillars

                                                         25 readers = 3 astronauts/caterpillars

                                                         30 readers = 4 astronauts/caterpillars

Once the rocket/flower is filled then the children can have 5 minutes extra playtime...


Come on 2 Willow and 2 Sycamore you can do this!



USEFUL WEBSITES: If you find any useful sites and would like us to add a link to the webpage, please let us know!
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