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Year 3 – Rowan & Elm

Welcome to 3 Elm and 3 Rowan!


 Mrs Troop and Mrs Selby

would like to welcome you to Year 3's website page.


The children have made a great start to Year 3 and we are so impressed with their effort, attitude and behaviour. Things look very promising for the year. 


We will add to this webpage on a regular basis, so look out for tips, information and helpful hints. For example, their reading diaries will be going home shortly, as will topic webs and the children's most favourite thing - homework! Our homework this year will be based on Showbie. Please let us know if you would prefer a paper copy. smiley



Our summer term topic is called 'Is It OK To Take Action?' Throughout this unit, we will be exploring the the importance of diversity, equality and fairness. We will be learning about; Nelson Mandela's life and his fight for freedom, Malala Yousafzai's life and her fight for education. This knowledge and understanding will then influence our campaigning for a school in Uganda. Here the children will get to experience what it is like to make a difference to those less fortuate and show they can take action for something they feel strongly about. 

 Our Spring term is based on the whole school’s theme of sustainable development. Our topic is called ‘Look Deeper’, throughout the next few months we will be exploring the pollution impact on our local rivers and the implications this has on the wider oceans and seas. We will be exploring rivers; their systems, the wildlife they inhabit and the threats they face. 

Please keep a look out for our wonderful work appearing shortly. 

Week 1 and 2 Home Learning Celebration video

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During week 1 we began our new topic Look Deeper by exploring UK and learning about the 4 nations, the surrounding seas/oceans and the main rivers that can be found across the country. Whilst exploring a book called - This Morning I Met a Whale we researched bottle-nosed whales in order to learn more about the creature involved in the story. After completing the story and understanding the key message we produced ocean pollution posters to share the devasting reality that impacts on our oceans and it's inhabitiants. In wellbeing we played a fun game of drawing creative monsters and we explored the book - Wonder. This inspired us to use our own imaginations to draw a place we would like to visit.

Week 3 Home Learning Celebration Video

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Throughout week 3 we have been busy researching river wildife and the surrounding habitat to help influence our future stories. We produced detailed character descriptions that will help inspire our river stories - we did an absolutely amazing job! In our curriculum time, we had the chance to design and build a bird feeder, draw sketches of wildlife found on or near a river and we explored different rivers located around the world. In our wellbeing time, we made and decorated origami fish to help bring out our creative flare and we also took part in a draw along, on zoom, following a clip from draw with Rob. This week we did a robot to go alongside our class text - Iron Woman.

Week 4 & 5 Home Learning Celebration Video

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During week 4 and 5 we looked deeper into river pollution and the effects it has on the environment and the wildlife. In English, we have continued to write our river based stories - it won't be long until they are ready! In our curriculum time we have had the chance to make pet/wildlife health guides, build wildife homes in the garden, bake scrumptious banana bread, cook a family meal, explore the history of the River Trent and we took strolls along the locks found along the river. In wellbeing, we had fun drawing sloths in our draw along zoom but more importantly we enjoyed Children's Mental Health week where we made beautiful 'Oops Art', squiggle drawings, origami and we dressed up in our favourite clothes and accessories to help express ourselves. We also had LOTS of fun on our snow day building snowmen, drinking fancy hot chocolates and making paper snowflakes.

Here our fabulous character descriptions based on river wildlife.

We enjoyed a Wellbeing session on creativity. We followed a drawing video by Rob Biddulph and had lots of fun creating our robots together on zoom.

The autumn term theme for year 3 is called Time Travellers. We will be focusing on the ancient history of both the Egyptians and the Romans. Most of lessons will be constructed around a comparison between the two eras or we discover ways in which their innovation and creativity has supported our current way of living/travelling.


In art we will be exploring an Eygptain artist and producing egyptian inspired amulets and in DT we will be constructing roman catapults for our EPIC battle of the classes! 


We will also be spending our wellbeing hour and collective worship to explore the themes of identity, belonging, diversity, growth mindset, resilience, kindness and exploring our emotions.  


What a fun filled term we have ahead! We hope you are ready year 3!!

Classroom Information

                                               Reading in Year 3




This year the children will be working with various adults in Year 3 to improve their word decoding and comprehension skills. The whole school are taking part in a 'Read at Home' competition. The children with the highest number of "reads at home", each half term, will be entered into a prize draw.  Pupils are expected to read at least 25 times to an adult at home.



Swimming and P.E


Both classes go swimming in Year 3, Rowan attends from September until February and Elm attends from February until July. 



The children are expected to bring their swimming kit (full body costume/tight shorts and a towel) to school on a Thursday. This needs to be in a seperate bag to their normal school bag, so their books etc do not get wet. If your child forgets their kit they can borrow a spare set from school. 


There will be no showering after swimming, the children will dry themselves off and simply get dressed as time is very limited. 


Your child can wear goggles in the lesson so long as the correct form has been signed and handed into their teacher.  


Each class has P.E twice a week. We think the best thing is for children to keep their P.E kit in school all week, taking it home at the weekend if they want it washed. 


No earrings are to be worn in both P.E and swimming lessons and long hair must be tied back. 

Welcome to Parkdale...


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