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Year 5 – Oak & Maple

Welcome to the Year 5 Team


with Mrs Hinton, Mrs Dunne & Mr Pattison

Summer Term 2021

So what’s happening in Y5 this term?


We are pleased to be starting our whole school project on PEACE and CONFLICT. In Y5, we focus on the conflicts in Syria. We begin with historical studies of conflicts of the past. Children will use their research and enquiry skills to understand the different wars that have taken place and understand the chronology of such events. We look at facts behind the conflicts in Syria to understand the causes and effects both past and present.


In Geography, we work digitally to map out the arduous routes that refugees have taken. We study countries and terrains and modes of transport to help us empathise and understand the plight of the refugees. In our English lessons, we read and discuss a range of poetry and diary accounts to learn from the refugees themselves. This helps in our emotive writing. We finish our learning by writing interviews and digital film broadcasts showing the refugee crisis through different points of view. 


We plan to action our Syria Topic by supporting local refugee forums with donations that we collect in school and the local community. The children will write letters, create posters and fliers in order to drum up support and make a positive difference.


Our Science units are The Earth, Sun and Moon and then Forces.

Our class text is......


Welcome to Nowhere is a powerful story about the life of one family caught up in the civil war in Syria. Twelve year old Omar and his brothers and sisters were born and raised in the beautiful country of Syria but as bombs fall, people are dying and the family have no choice but to flee their home. The author, Elizabeth Laird spent time on a refugee camp and has based her novel on a family she met there. Names as are fictional but the story outlines the ordeals that many people have and still are facing in Syria and other war-torn countries

It is a vivid portrayal of lives shattered by war.

History Enquiry Skills 

The children were challenged to work out details of GIRL X based on the contents of her rucksack. Some great discussions and History detective skills at play.

👽👽 Alien Writing Competition 👽👽

We have launched the term with our Transform Writing Competition, which was inspired by the book,

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.

Our stimulus was a video of a strange UFO sighted at Parkdale School. Alien cards were left scattered on the school grounds for the children to find and take on their identity.  Each child wrote a persuasive application letter from the point of view of their alien, saying what they love about Earth and us earthlings and why they deserve a place on Earth. 

So what's happening in the Spring Term 2021?

We've had a very different start to the term, after our unexpected 3rd national lockdown, but as always, as a nation and school community, we are upwards and onwards. Our curriculum may be slightly adapted to suit a mix of remote and school learning. However, we are very excited to be starting our whole school project called Green, Clean World.


In Year 5, we will be focusing on the Amazon Rainforest, looking at the different biospheres and climate zones, using atlases and google maps to locate and understand the physical features. We explore the effects of deforestation, the palm oil industry and other human activity that poses a threat to our chimpanzee and orangutan population.

To help us understand climate change, we will be inspired and learn from the speeches of Greta Thunberg.  


In Art, we hope to develop our drawing and  shading techniques, all on the theme of rainforests and the animals that live there. Look out for our toucans and tigers! Later this term, we hope to design and make healthy, vegetable pasta dishes, if Covid allows.Our Science unit looks at life cycles of plants, animals and humans so that we can explain and make comparisons.

We will be using our personal iPads to enhance our learning and present our work.


Our class book for the Spring Term is The Last Wild by Piers Torday, which is a fantastic (and rather apt) story of a strange red-eye virus that destroys the animals in the wild. Can they be saved?





Easter Fun

We enjoyed taking part in Parkdale’s traditional Easter bonnet parade and also a fun end of term chocolate-themed outdoor quiz, 

Save the Chimps’ Work

A snapshot of Y5’s leaflets to explain why chimpanzees are in danger. 

STEAM week

We enjoyed our ‘farm vegetable project’ where we looked at marketing tips for healthy lunches for children using home-grown produce. We designed our own brands and learnt about the different marketing tools used by companies. We researched which vegetables are in season. We have planted some simple seeds to begin growing some lettuce, chives and radishes and hope to grow more once the weather gets a little warmer.

World Book Day 2021

We read the brilliant book Wisp by Zana Fraillon and were inspired to think about our Hopes and Dreams for the future. Have a look at our writing and art work on this theme. 

Adele and Lavell had their author question answered by Zana Fraillon in her personal video just for Parkdale Primary. How lucky were we!
Book in a Box Challenge by Sophie

🥦 🥕  🌽 Y5’s ‘Home Grown’ Veggie Project  🌽  🥕 🥦

As part of our Green, Clean World Topic, we have done a vegetable-themed project during the last week of this half-term. Children have chosen from a menu of vegetable options. Have a look at the informative, delicious and creative outcomes!

Y5’s Vegetable Medley of creative and well-being tasks during week 6 of lockdown 3.

Still image for this video

Enjoy a sample of our persuasive ‘Veggie Election’ writing.

Children recorded their writing using Clips. Sit back and enjoy their animated speeches.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Here’s a taste of our cooking with vegetables!

And finally some artistic ‘Veggie’ creations!

We have studied Jane Goodall and created simple biographies of her life and chimpanzee discoveries. Take a look.

This week’s English work was based on Ricky Gervais’s well-known flanimals. Here are some of our fun creations done at home, during Lockdown 3.

Take a look at some of our Story Maps done as part of our remote learning. We imagined what the island setting in The Last Wild might be like.

We were inspired by Greta Thunberg and created factfiles about her life and protests. She helped us begin to understand some of the reasons behind climate change.

Some well-being time spent on these circle doodles and colouring by our home-learners.


Autumn 2020 - So what's happening in Y5 this term?

Welcome back to the new school year - after a very strange six months. This September, we are excited to start our whole school Identity and Diversity Project called 'The World and My Place In It.'


In Y5, we will be getting creative with some graffitti art to undertsand and learn about our own cultural and personal identity.  Our history slant will be looking at the British Empire and understanding the positive and negative effects it brought. We aim to create a timeline and explore the slave trade, focusing on the people  who helped bring about the abolition. As part of our BLM teaching, we will explore motivational speeches and quotes from inspirational people such as: William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Nyaeem Hudson, Les Brown, Michelle Obama, Eric Thomas, Will Smith, June Sarpong, Clarke Carlisle and many more. We will challenge stereotypes and create our own graffiti-style statements to share our Identity & Diversity messages - hopefully in a public place in Nottingham.


During the second half term, we will take a more 'technology' themed focus, looking into black inventors and the many life changing creations they developed from the touch-tone telephone, caller ID system, home security alarms, filament for Eddison's light bulb and even the Super Soaker water gun... to name a few. Our History angle will be to study the advancements in computer technology and the world of opportunities they have opened up for us. We'll then consider our future and how the job industry will change because of computer technology.                     

We're looking forward to some very informative and interesting discussions in Y5!


Y5 Topic Web & Parent Letter

Our class book is..  

The book is about Twig who awakens in the afterlife, with a pocketful of vague memories. He has a key, a raven, and a mysterious atlas to guide him as he sets out to piece together what has happened, who he is and his way home. It is a story about finding your true identity and overcoming the many obstacles that life throws at us.

We plan to enjoy the text together and learn about what makes us who we are, from our family and cultural roots,                                      to the experiences, obstacles and choices we make in life.                                        

                       The Lost Soul Atlas was published in July 2020 so we are even more excited to read                                   something that's so recent and fresh!




Our Spring Term Topic 2020 is Conflict, Peace and Equality.           

We are focusing on the Crisis in Syria and how we can help.



Our class text is Welcome to Nowhere

A celebration of some of our Space-themed Homework

DogsTrust assembly and workshop

A mix of activities and celebrations so far this term!

Our Autumn term topic 2019 is Green, Clean World - Saving the Rainforests

Developing our sketching skills by creating a leopard! Impressed with the outcomes so far 👍

Celebrating our creative homework pieces

Our Christianity and Christmas workshops

Just a few of our Veggie Election speeches and mascots, using modal verbs!

Our IPad launch day! Our iPads for 1:1 use In Y5 have arrived and we love our personalised covers. We can’t wait to get started on exploring how we can use iPads to enhance our learning!

Food tasting in preparation for our veggie pasta dishes

Multi-cultural day: in Y5 we explored Hungary by looking at the inventions created and we also explored Hungarian rock music using Garage Band.

Music production using Garage Band on the Ipads

Planting our baby spider plant...grow, grow, grow 🌱 Whose spider plant will grow the quickest...Oak’s or Maple’s?

Check out our published 'Save The Apes' work, displayed in Carlton Library

This week we have finished creating our 'Save the Chimps' leaflets to raise awareness about how chimpanzees are endangered creatures. Some of us wrote these by hand and used our creative art work skills! Some of us also used our technology skills and used 'Pages' on the Ipads to create them.

Check out some of our Rainforest toucan art work!

Flower dissection in Science

Integrating technology and art: We enjoyed exploring 'Sketches School' on the Ipads to create self-portraits

10 mins of mindfulness time spent exploring the 'Mark up' tool on the Ipads, using everyday objects.

Our 'Dorm Dream Teams' and 'Awesome Attitude' Winners! These children were awarded these certificates and recognition for their awesome attitude and responsibility and organisation shown whilst on the Youlgreave Residential- it was a tricky decision to make- well done!

A few photos of our time whilst on our residential in Youlgreave, Derbyshire

PE and homework 'need to know' information

Mindfulness time spent getting outdoors to enjoy some sunshine and exercise by tackling the 'Sheriff's Challenge'!

Maple's 'Star of the Week'. It's so lovely to see such supportive members of our team, celebrating their friend's success!

Y5 have settled well into team Oak and Maple. We're very much looking forward to their learning journeys this academic year! Keep up the great work Y5! Below you'll see a few snaps of what we've been up to so far.

Editing our descriptive writing with our peers

Our introduction to 'A Green Clean World'! Each group had a global issue to research, using texts and the Ipads. Using teamwork, they created a poster and then shared their knowledge with the rest of the team.

Building on our knowledge of 'Growth Mindset', our learning powers and how we approach challenges!

Resilience: designing our own bounce-ability characters

Welcome to Parkdale...


Current Term:

  • Summer 2020-21 - 97.9%
  • Attendance Year to Date - 96.9%
  • Last week (wb 3rd May) - 97.9%

Previous Term:

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Overall: 2017/8 96.8%; 2018/19 97%; 2019/20 94.6%

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