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Year 6 - Beech & Cedar


20th Century War



Year 6 Spring Term


with Mrs Carter, Mrs James, Mrs Burge and Miss Hill



What's happening in the Spring Term 2021?


Our whole school project is Green, Clean World.  This term, Year 6 will be learning all about the incredible world of bees and the important part they play in every aspect of the ecosystem. We explore how bees play a significant role in the pollination of many important crops, discover ways in which habitat loss and other harmful factors contribute to bee decline...and suggest ways in which we can all protect biodiversity and do our bit to help save the bees!


Pupils created leaflets to raise awareness of the importance of bees and ways in which we can all help to protect them.  Take a look and spread the word.





Bee research using the Clips app on the iPad.

In Art, we will be making observational sketches of bees and other pollinators using pen and ink. We will be looking at the work of Matthew Willey, an artist who is on a mission to paint 50,000 bees around the world to remind us of the pollinators' plight. We have been designing our own 'bee murals' - watch this space!


Our Class Novel

We have started reading The Nowhere Emporium by Ross McKenzie. It's a fabulous book - full of mystery, adventure and surprise.  It is proving very popular. Whilst we experience yet another national lockdown, we actively encourage our Year 6 pupils to read for pleasure and to share their own book recommendations with the rest of the class. 


Mindfulness and Wellbeing

During these difficult times, we continue to set a variety of activities to boost children's mental health and wellbeing. In Year 6, we provide opportunities for pupils to reflect on their feelings and emotions - through a range of yoga, music, art and other mindfulness tasks.  





Autumn 2020 - So what is happening in Y6 this term?


Welcome back to the new school year! What a very strange 6 months we have all just had, but we are all so very proud of how your children have coped and what wonderful resilience they have all shown. Well done to them...and to you!  


This September we are really excited to be starting our whole school Identity and Diversity project called The World and My Place In It. We know that the children are all going to make the most out of their learning in this project. 

In our humanities lessons we will be focusing on our own Personal Identity. During these lessons we will be thinking about our individual ambitions in life and how we have managed throughout lockdown. We will also be concentrating our learning on The UK and it’s place in the world, as well as How politics works. Later on in the term we will be focusing on Democracy and other systems, and finally Achievements of the Islamic world. We are excited about all of these areas of learning, and know that the children will gain a lot out of each area. 

During our Science lessons we will be focusing on Evolution and then followed by Animals, including humans. Whilst in our RE lessons our lessons will revolve around Beliefs in Action


We are really excited about our Art and DT lessons for this term. Year 6 will be learning more about Modern art culture and researching and finding more about the different Art galleries in Nottingham



Our class book this term is Wonder by R J Palacio.



Wonder is a brutally powerful story of a 10-year old boy named August Pullman, who has a facial anomaly. He is an ordinary child who plays Xbox, is obsessed with Star Wars, but despite the 27 operations done for his face he will never look normal. The author delivers a strong message about the importance of kindness, tolerance and acceptance. 


We will be spending our well-being hour and collective worship to explore the different themes of identity, belonging, diversity, growth, mindset, resilience, and identifying and exploring our emotions. 

What a fantastic term we are going to have, Year 6! 



Y6 SATs Meeting Tues 10th March - Information for Parents

Raging Rivers

Autumn 2


We have lots to look forward to during the next few weeks in Year 6.  We shall be exploring many aspects of rivers, from finding out about key river features to learning about the damaging effects of flooding and climate change. 







Take a look at these brilliant bee hotels.  During this term, pupils in Year 6 have been learning about the worrying decline of bees and what we can do to help save them.  Everyone worked incredibly hard to design and construct a bee hotel with the intention of positioning them in and around the school grounds.  This will provide some much needed shelter for the incredible bee species.



Welcome back after the summer holiday. We hope that you had a fantastic break and a good rest. It is now time for Year 6! This is the final year at Parkdale for your child...and what an exciting year it will be! Children in 6 Cedar are being taught by Mrs Carter (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and Mrs Burge (Friday).  Children in 6 Beech are being taught by Mrs James (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Bass (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).





Our first topic is Save the Bees.  We will jump straight into this topic and also prepare your child for secondary school. To help this process, we will expect your child to try their best, work neatly and be super organised. PE kit needs to be in school everyday, as does their reading diary. We expect your child to read, at home, at least five times a week. Your child will be aiming to read at least 25 times this half term - teachers will keep a record of how many times the children manage to read each week.  Please look out for the topic web and homework menu.


Just a quick reminder about the Transform Trust values. These are:



Ambition and Adventure








These Transform values, along with Parkdale's Learning Values, will be promoted everyday through discussion, work and demonstration.


We hope that your child has a great time in Year 6 - working hard and having a fun time in the process.


We can't wait to get to know all of the children and are excited about the year ahead. Please feel free to say hello in the playground and introduce yourself. It should be a great year!


Mrs Carter, Mrs James, Mrs Bass and Mrs Burge

Weekly Homework


Every Monday, Maths Arithmetic homework will be set and will be handed in the following Friday. The children will bring home a sheet with various arithmetic questions and a space for any working out which they may wish to do. Some of the questions will link to areas we have covered recently and some will be new learning. Don't worry if your child finds some of these a challenge as we'll regularly be covering these areas in class. If your child loses their homework, to save paper and trees there will be copy on our class page.  

Maths Homework 14.10.19

Useful Websites

As a school we have subscribed to a range of websites which your child can access at home.  Please find time to explore the different activities on each of the websites as we will be referring to these in class.


Times Table Rockstars


Read Theory



'SAVE THE BEES' FLYERS - Pupils have designed their own flyers in the hope of raising awareness of the importance of bees and what people can do to help save them.



Children have enjoyed sampling different types of honey this week. This was a great opportunity for pupils to gain a deeper insight into the wonderful world of bees.

Useful Information

100 Books To Try and Read Before You Leave Year 6


How many have you read...and how many have got left to read?



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